FCC – Fuel Consumption Converter

Is a convenient and user-friendly app that helps drivers and car enthusiasts convert different fuel consumption measurements. With this app, you can easily convert between: mpg (UK), mpg (US), l/100km, km/l, mi/l. The most popular conversion direction from MPG to l/100 km.

Two modes of inputting data
Color themes and a dark mode
You can save the results to a list
You can sort and filter saved data
The best converter from MPG to l/100km

Track and Manage Your Vehicle's Fuel Consumption with FCC

We understand how crucial it is for you to keep track of and control your vehicle's fuel consumption. That's why the FCC provides you with a unique feature to save conversion results. This tool not only gives you accurate fuel consumption data but also allows you to analyze it over time, making your driving experience more efficient and economical. Key features of the saving function in FCC – Fuel Consumption Converter:

  • Save Results: After each conversion, you can save the results for further analysis and comparison.
  • Sort Results: Sort your results by date, input values, or conversion results for quick and convenient access to information.
  • Filter Results: You can filter your list of saved data by date, input data, or conversion results to get the most relevant information according to your needs.

Data Input Choices: Swipes or Keyboard

The FCC offers an intuitive and convenient way of data input, allowing you to quickly and easily adjust values by swiping up or down on the numbers. The large digits simplify the input, making it possible even with one hand.

  • Personalized Input: Choose the total number of digits for input and the number of decimal places in the application settings.
  • Swipe Direction Inversion: A customizable feature that allows you to change the swipe direction for increasing values - now you can swipe down.
  • Ease of Use: Large, easy-to-read digits and the ability to control with one hand make data input quick and effortless.

The FCC – Fuel Consumption Converter offers the classic data input option - using the keyboard. This method is familiar to most users and ensures accurate input of values.

Use the standard numerical keyboard to enter data and calculate fuel consumption accurately.

This method is ideal for those who prefer traditional input methods and value familiarity and precision.


Discover the Special Features of FCC

These innovative functions ensure maximum convenience and efficiency when using the application. With FCC – Fuel Consumption Converter, converting and tracking fuel consumption becomes simple and understandable, making it the perfect tool for any car enthusiast.

  • Two modes

    Choose your preferred data input style with FCC. Whether it's swiping or using a classic keyboard, we've got you covered.

  • Color themes

    Customize your FCC experience. Choose from various color themes, or opt for a sleek dark mode to suit your preference.

  • Save results

    Keep track of your conversions. With FCC, you can save your results for future reference and easy access.

  • Sort and filter

    Organize your data your way. FCC allows you to sort and filter your saved results for easy tracking and management.

  • MPG to l/100km

    Effortless conversion from MPG to l/100km. FCC makes fuel consumption conversion simple and straightforward.

  • Support for Multiple Units

    FCC handles various fuel consumption units, making it a universal choice for car enthusiasts.

Visual Overview: Screenshots of FCC

Below you will find screenshots of FCC – Fuel Consumption Converter, the popular fuel consumption converter. Get a glimpse of its unique design, user-friendly interface, and innovative features by browsing our visual gallery.

User Testimonials

Below, you'll find user reviews of FCC – Fuel Consumption Converter, the popular fuel consumption converter. Discover what real users think about our app, and get a sense of its simplicity, convenience, and efficiency.

Changed my rating from one star to five stars, everything worked, awesome!
Andrej Mikryukov

Very convenient and easy to use application, I recommend!
Denis Marynych

Whether you're traveling abroad or simply want to compare the fuel efficiency of your car, FCC – Fuel Consumption Converter makes it easy to convert and understand fuel consumption measurements